What To Look For When Purchasing A Bread Slicer

What To Look For When Purchasing A Bread Slicer

Creating a meal using homemade bread gives a feeling of accomplishment to bakers across the globe. Here at the Bread Guru, we strive to deliver recipes and guidelines that will enhance this experience for you at home. We know that when it comes to slicing bread the method may be simple but the means are anything but. We’ve gathered together some well-researched guidelines so you can know what to look for when purchasing a bread slicer. Feel free to check your own responses to these guidelines against our Bread Slicer Recommendations article to find the right choice for you.


Depending on what type of breads you bake, the bread slicer you choose should reflect your unique needs. Those who prefer to bake small loaves by hand will require a much different device than those who use machines to bake loaves that are taller than average. Most would assume that a bread slicer is only intended for slicing sandwich bread, but those with a taste for thicker slices intended for things like French or Texas toast will have varied needs.

For example, the DB Tech Bamboo Bread Slicer offers multiple slice sizes, which allows the user variety and more control. If you’re a baker interested in a multi-use slicer, it’s important to keep the end results in mind as you choose your appliance.

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This covers more than just counter space.  Even hobby bakers can agree that a bread slicer is something you use often in home baking. You want to look for a slicer that is practical as well as useful. Taking into consideration things like size, storage, and quality of design can determine whether your purchase adds or detracts from the pleasure of baking.

Many slicers on the market today will advertise their foldable storage capabilities as positive selling points, but don’t be afraid to use some common sense in your shopping. A slicer that folds conveniently like the DB Tech Bamboo model may lose its appeal when you consider its wooden design means it is not dishwasher safe.

A smaller design such as the Multiform Bread Slicer may appeal to you more if you value a washable design that takes up less space.

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The big debate here is wood versus plastic. While our top recommended slicer, the KitchenCraft Bread Keeper, is a plastic model; we still support the merits of wooden models like the DB Tech Bamboo mentioned above. Bamboo is often lauded for its bacteria resistant properties and kitchen friendly appeal, while plastic models such as the Bread Keeper tend to be more ergonomically designed.

We believe when it comes to material that your choice in bread slicer is largely one of personal preference. Keep in mind what will fit in your kitchen, both stylistically and with regards to size. Ultimately, you want to choose a product that will serve you well for many years to come.

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For a seemingly simple device, the bread slicers of today have fully embraced the technology overhaul of most kitchen appliances. Features we deem to be most important include: crumb catchers, storage compartments, and adjustable sides and slices.

If you tend to bake more crumbly or seed-filled breads, then you are probably already aware of the mess that slicing can make in your kitchen. In this case, choosing a model such as the Norpro 370 with a built-in crumb catcher may appeal to you. Similarly, you may prefer a slicer that provides a built-in storage box.

Norpro Bread Slicer with Crumb Catcher

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In this case, the KitchenCraft Bread Keeper is a great option. This slicer converts into its own versatile breadbox, which ensures those perfect slices you’ve just made won’t dry out before you get the change to use them.

Ultimately, the type of bread slicer you choose should improve the experience of baking your own breads at home. Owning an effective slicer will ensure that the hard work you put into baking that perfect loaf pays off with a beautifully cut slice.

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