Panasonic Bread Maker on Amazon – Choose you Prefer

Panasonic Bread Maker on Amazon – Choose you Prefer

It is automatic. you always smile when you are in the kitchen if you have one of the best Panasonic bread makers. Be careful, though; you might make more than enough initially. I remember when I got my first bread maker. There were literally loaves everywhere! It is easy to get carried away since making fresh bread with these gadgets is a breeze. You will feel like a seasoned chef while you prepare any yeasty recipe almost without any effort.

If you had spent enough time testing all the primitive ways of homemade bread making, then maybe it is time for you to switch to something real, convenient, and tasteful. Forget about throwing ice cubes into the oven, spraying the dough with water, and using various pots for ¨artisan¨ style bread. Now, you have a robot for perfection!

It is no secret that Panasonic makes some of the best bread makers. Indeed, the company is one of the biggest Japanese electronics producers. They have been improving their household appliances with maximum quality and excellent customer service for a very long time now.

Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser

Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Yeast...
  • 3 choices of loaf sizes and up to 2-1/2 pounds loaf capacity, ideal bread...
  • Settings for white, whole wheat, multigrain, French, quick breads/cakes
  • 13-hour delay start timer and programmable menu options make meal planning...
  • Automatically adds yeast at the optimum time to ensure perfect bread
  • With non-stick inner bake pan and build-in handle, finished bread is easily...

Here comes everyone’s favorite Panasonic bread maker, SD-YD250. It is undoubtedly the best-seller among all other Panasonic bread maker machines. An impressive appliance with all the extra features that you need to make perfect loaves at home. It even adds the yeast at the optimum time to improve dough consistency and rise. Just put the yeast in the automatic dispenser, and it will take care of the rest. The result is a far superior homemade bread.

If you get a bread maker, you get some privileges. First of all, you will enjoy fresh and warm bread waiting for you when you wake up. Or, even better, you can have your crispy bread sizzling in the kitchen when you come from work. It is easy to achieve merely by programming the 13-hour delay timer. Add the ingredients into the inner pan, and then put the pan inside the bread machine. Next, decide when you want your bread to be ready, and then set the time.

You get to choose from 3 crust color options with the SD-YD250. It is a pretty standard feature with most bread makers, but I have seen some that come with only two options. Another outstanding characteristic of this model is that you can prepare bread as big as 2 ½ pounds. In general, the biggest size available with most units is 2 pounds. The bigger, the better if you have a large family, or that you do not want to make bread every day. Overall, there are three selections for loaf size; 1.5 lb, 2 lbs., and 2.5 lbs. Sizes are marked as Medium, Large, and Extra-Large on the equipment.

Choose among several bread programs to bake pro-level loaves. Besides the standard bread options, you can also select the no-knead bake, or the dough mode for only kneading, which is perfect for preparing pizza dough. Other cooking cycles include Multi-grain, French bread, whole wheat, cake, and the basic mode. I fancy the sandwich program for making softer loaves. On the side note, rapid baking is an advantage. Some consumers do prefer this option for making quick bread. It is a winner when you do not have time and have company coming by for dinner. The good news is that you can still serve them fresh homemade bread. They will be addicted to the fascinating taste for sure.

Get maximum precision with the large LCD menu. The soft-touch control panel is extremely user friendly. All you need is to decide on the crust color, loaf size, and choose the bread type you want. If you are going to set up your own bread type, then you can do so by using the programmable menu options.

In my opinion, cleaning the kitchen appliances should be easy to manage. I do not like to struggle with hard to clean objects, and I am sure nobody does. Thanks to the nonstick coating of the bread pan of SD-YD250, it is super simple to make it look like brand new again. Just wash with lukewarm water and mild dishwasher detergent. Stains come off pretty fast. You can clean the mixing blade the same way. Note that all parts should be hand-washed only.

The Panasonic SD-YD250 can be a great addition to your kitchen. It comes with various accessories such as the measuring spoon, cup, and the kneading blade. Furthermore, the recipe booklet includes more than 50 bread and dough recipes.


  • Automatic yeast dispenser
  • Additional accessories such as measuring cup and spoon
  • Large LCD display
  • 3 crust settings
  • 13 hours delay timer
  • Nonstick pan with wire handle
  • Power interruption protection – resumes within 10 minutes
  • Top loading locking lid
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • A bit pricey

Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Maker with Automatic Fruit and Nut Dispenser

Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Maker with Automatic Fruit & Nut...
  • Power 120AC, 60Hz
  • Microprocessor controlled for even baking
  • Special dispenser for addition of Fruit or nuts for even mixing in the...
  • Diamond fluorine non-stick coated pan for easy clean-up
  • 5 Baking modes for 2 different loaf sizes (M, XL)

SD-RD250 is a smart bread maker with 12 auto bread cycles – six bake/dough and six bread modes. It includes many of the favorite Panasonic options like the Rapid Baking and dough mode. All these programs enable you to make various kinds of different loaves at the touch of a button. Moreover, it has a unique microprocessor-controlled system to ensure even baking. This is vital if you like your homemade bread fully cooked in the middle and have uniform crust color at the same time.

There is an automatic fruit and nut dispenser mounted on the lid for your convenience. What I like the most is that it is removable for easy cleaning. The dispenser system is useful for the raisins, almonds, and other similar particles to get mixed into the dough evenly. A properly mixed raisin bread or an olive loaf is easy to achieve.

Overall, you get 2 loaf sizes and 2 crust color options. This is fewer than the model just mentioned above, yet enough to produce a tasty loaf. In the end, most people like their crust color medium brown. Available loaf sizes are M and XL.

I love the fact that the durable pan is scratch resistant (diamond- fluorine coating). Keep in mind that it is horizontal, meaning you will end up with a tall bread. Just divide the loaf in half before you proceed to slice. Cleanup of the parts is easy and quick. Do not put the pan or the kneading paddle in the dishwasher, they are to be hand-washed only.

Large LCD menu makes the equipment user friendly. Controls are super easy. Press a few buttons and go to bed. Wake up in the morning and smell the warm bread. Once you set up the 13-hours delay timer, SD-RD250 plans the rest. Customizable settings allow you to create personal recipes.

This item includes measuring spoon, cup and kneading blade, and of course an extensive recipe booklet.


  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser
  • Additional accessories such as measuring cup and spoon
  • Large LCD display
  • 2 crust settings
  • 13 hours delay timer
  • 12 auto modes
  • Scratch resistant nonstick pan with special coating
  • Microprocessor controlled baking


  • Fewer crust options than other models

Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker with Gluten Free Mode and Nut Dispenser

Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker with Gluten Free Mode and...
  • Enjoy freshly baked bread with the push of a button
  • Smart dispensers automatically release and distribute yeast, raisins and...
  • Healthy gluten free mode, eight menu buttons, automatic 13-hour timer
  • Choose medium or extra-large loaf size, light or dark crust settings
  • Intuitive touch-pad controls and large LCD make bread making simple

SD-YR2500 is Panasonic’s premium bread maker model with the Gluten-Free program. It has some unique features that no other bread maker machine possesses. For starters, it adjusts the automatic baking cycles according to the current temperature. There is a particular room-temperature sensor, and also an internal temperature sensor installed on this item. Together these two devices check the temperature of the surrounding area and also the inside temperature of the machine. Once they figure out the current conditions, they change and adjust the pre-set bread cycles to produce perfect results. This is a perfect solution to adapt the recipes to changing conditions!

Large LCD screen and intuitive touch-pad controls make your life easier when programming the appliance. Selecting various options from the easy to follow menu is a breeze. You can control the loaf size, crust color, and the delay timer by merely pressing the buttons on top. The maximum amount of time for advance baking with delay timer is 13 hours. There are 16 bread cycle programs, which is impressive. Eight of these pre-sets are menu modes, and the other eight are dough modes.

I should also mention the superior dispensers. They add yeast or dried fruits just at the right time for even mixing. Panasonic calls these as the smart dispensers to indicate their accuracy. These additional features add to the high-quality of the final products.

Gluten free mode is another plus. Additional cycles include French, raisin, rolls, croissants, and more. It sure is a fancy machine to satisfy the needs of every home baker, ranging from novice to expert.


  • Baking cycles are automatically adjusted to current weather
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser
  • Additional accessories such as measuring cup and spoon
  • Large LCD display
  • 3 crust settings
  • 13 hours delay timer
  • 16 auto modes
  • Nonstick pan
  • Yeast dispenser


  • Rest cycle is not optional

Panasonic Home Bakery 2 loaf Type S-BMT2000-W

Panasonic home bakery 2 loaf type white SD-BMT2000-W(Japan...
  • In French and pan de look at things , " the contents of the pan ." Crust of...
  • East odor can enjoy a less wheat original flavor and taste , more...
  • By mounting the inverter motor , while fermented by warming the dough , It...
  • Size: Width 25.6 × depth 38.9 × height 38.2cm Weight : 6.9kg
  • Power consumption : 760W

S-BMT2000-W is a compact product with lots of extra features. It can make bread in 80 minutes. Now, that is considered really fast when compared to other bread makers. It is very quiet and easy to use. Keep in mind that this is a Japanese import. You will notice that it has sensors to adjust the baking cycles according to the current temperature in the environment.

Includes handy dispensers for yeast and dried fruits. This sure eliminates all the complicated process of waiting and deciding when to add nuts and fruits.

You can make other doughs such as pizza, pasta, and mochi. In addition, you get to choose the level of crust color. Inner pan is nonstick coated for easy cleaning. Additional accessories included.


  • Additional accessories such as measuring cup and spoon
  • Large LCD display
  • Nonstick pan with special coating


  • No Gluten-Free mode

How to Pick the Best Panasonic Bread Maker?

Panasonic products are known for their high-quality features. They are not the cheapest item in the market, but you should consider them as an investment. Fortunately, they all include so many distinctive characteristics that the uniqueness far pass the price value. Consistent texture and excellent crust quality in your loaves are always guaranteed.

Almost all Panasonic bread makers come with automatic nuts and fruit dispensers. Some also include special yeast dispensers. However, none of the ones listed in this review have any viewing windows on the lid. This is a give and take feature with most bread makers. When the producers set automatic nuts dispenser under the lids, they usually forego the viewing windows. To me; both of these features are crucial. Nevertheless, I had to admit that most bread maker producers include only one of these on their items. Panasonic mentions in product manuals that not having any viewing glass on top allow their bread makers to produce higher quality loaves due to better and even reflection of heat inside.

Preset Programs of Panasonic bread makers get fancier with the upper segment machines. The SD-YD250 and the SD-YR2500 have the best options for that matter. They are both loaded with various cycles to produce outstanding loaves. Both of these items can help you make fiber enriched multi-grain loaves. Keep yourself and your family all healthy.

Almost all Panasonic bread machines include the delay timer, so that you can prepare your bread in your sleep! In other words, you can set the time of bread making in advance to enjoy your loaf later, up to 13 hours.

Easy to Wash Nonstick bread pans make the Panasonic bread maker parts easy to clean and maintain. If you follow the recipes in the manuals, then you should not have much stain on the bread pan and the kneading paddle. Additional accessories and the recipe booklet is the general standard with Panasonic bread machines.

If you don’t have any budget issues, I would strongly suggest the SD-YD250 as it has every single feature to produce exceptional homemade bread. Furthermore, my second best choice would definitely be the SD-YR2500, which has some unique characteristics to itself.

How do I set the timer on my Panasonic Bread Machine?

The delay timer function on the Panasonic Bread Machine allows you to delay making your bread up to 13 hours in the future. It is easy to control and program. All you need is to press on the TIMER button to set the amount of time that you want your bread to be ready. You can choose the time delay from 4 hours to 13 hours. For example, if the present time is 10:00 pm and you want your bread to be ready by 7:00 am, just set the timer to 9:00 hours (9 hours from 10:00 pm). The trick is to program it for the time required until the full completion of the loaf, which in this case, is 9 hours further. Put your ingredients in the bread pan; make sure you are not using any perishable items such as fresh milk or eggs. Next, put the bread pan in its place in the machine. Set the timer and then press the start button.

What makes a great bread machine loaf?

It is vital to know what to expect from a bread machine loaf to decide on the overall quality. Bread machines produce standard rolls with improved texture and crust. The number one rule is to follow the recipes included in your manual, and then gradually adjust them according to your needs over time and experience with the equipment. Check for the even colored crust to decide if the loaf is baked uniformly. A good sign for this is a beautiful domed top and homogenous color all over the bread. Your loaf should be well risen, doubled in size. It should give a hollow sound when you knock on the sides and bottom. Next, check the inner texture once the bread cools down. Give at least an hour of the cool-down period for this test. You should see little holes inside the bread spread unevenly when you slice. Finally, there should be a certain amount of chewiness to give it a thumbs up.

How to store bread from a machine bread?

Keep your bread machine loaf away from the sun and air. These are the two main factors that shorten the lifespan of your homemade bread. Always keep in mind that it is a good sign that your food does not have a long shelf life similar to the store-bought version. It is merely because it does not contain any preservatives. Store bought bread contains additives to extend shelf life unless you are shopping from the organic isle. An excellent trick to extend the shelf life of your bread machine loaf is to keep the unused portion in the refrigerator wrapped in a zipper bag.

Why does my bread collapse in the bread machine?

If your bread collapses in the bread machine, then you should check your yeast. In general, this issue arises due to using low rates of yeast while preparing your ingredients. It also may be due to yeast that is expired. This does not happen every day since these items have very long shelf lives. If your yeast went bad in the first place, then it is merely a miracle for the loaf to not collapse while baking. Always make sure to check the expiration date on the package before using the yeast. You can put it to test by adding 1/2 teaspoon of dried yeast into 1/3 cup of lukewarm water. Stir and wait. The yeast should get foamy within 2 minutes or so if it is active. Otherwise, just throw it away. It is always a better choice than discarding your bread.

In Conclusion

Easy-made, nutritious bread can now be baked at home with the help of convenient bread maker machines. Panasonic is well known for its superior kitchen electronics. If your intention is to get the best Panasonic bread maker, then I suggest you go with the SD-YD250. It is no secret that it is a best-seller. The large size bread pan, available programs, and the overall baking quality is excellent. Additional features include the automatic yeast dispenser, power interruption protection, and one-year limited warranty. If you are looking for a more compact solution, then I suggest you take a look at the SD-YR2500. It has some great solutions to adjust itself to current temperature setting in your environment, thanks to the installed sensors. Both items are exceptional at making tasty bread at home.



Linda is doing her PhD in Engineering, while trying different bread recipes from all over the world. Pat likes to help and try out new recipes everyday. Anny likes to copy everything Pat does. We are the perfect team!

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