Our Quest

If you have ever watched The Lord of the Rings, or, better yet, if you have read the books, you will know about Lembas Bread, or the Elvish way-bread. Much like the Biblical manna, Lembas is an all encompassing meal that will satisfy the needs of a grown man and help him carry on for the day. Even in the way Tolkien describes Lembas in Lord of the Rings, it is some type of bread. However, instead of trying to come up with a new recipe for what is a mythical type of bread, we decided to try out as many different types of bread as possible.

Me, Linda, I have been able to put together a team of writers / cooks from around the world who are not only sharing with us some of their nation’s favorite bread recipes, but are trying on themselves, making them and sending us pictures with them. To that respect, if you have a favorite bread recipe that you would like featured on the site, contact us at here and talk to us about it.

Getting back to the purposes of the website, though, we were amazed during our initial research to see just how many variations of bread there really were. We decided not to restrict our views too much, so anything that is made from some sort of ground grain and is used as the foundation of a sandwich type of food, goes as bread. We decided that rice paddies of any kind would strain too far away from that definition, particularly because the rice is not ground into flour, so do not look for sushi recipes here. Still, anything else goes and you will be surprised to find how many interesting ways people have found along the eons to make their bread a more nutritious choice.

So join us in our search and let us know about your favorite type of bread. You can contact us either at the email provided above or on Tweeter at .