Braided Almond Bread Recipe

You’re welcome! Because you will love this bread! It is a lightly sweetened almond bread, filled with rich almond paste, sweet maraschino cherries, and semisweet chocolate. It is beautiful and delicious! This recipe is adapted from Odense Almond Raspberry Braid. Almond Bread 4 Tbsp butter 1/3 Cup milk 1 pkg active dry yeast ¼ Cup […]

Lefse Your Favorite Potato Bread

Who doesn’t love potato bread? Lefse is a delicious potato bread that began as a crispy, dry easy to store cracker in Scandinavian countries. Potatoes were incorporated many years ago, which brings us to the lefse we know and love today. It is very simple to make, though when you look at the equipment available […]

Farmer’s Market Cornbread

The Farmer’s Market Cornbread is moistened with the juice of fresh corn rather than milk, and with unsweetened applesauce instead of oil or fat. The farmer’s markets are bursting with fresh produce this time of year, and freshly harvested corn is in abundance. Are you celebrating? I know we are! If we’re not purchasing fresh […]

The Great American Johnnycake

I have wonderful memories of preparing and eating Johnnycakes with my grandmother. These little golden gems were delicious sizzling hot right out of the pan and served with honey. My grandmother also cooked a savory version served with my favorite gravy. Her Johnnycakes were crispy golden brown on the outside and creamy soft on the […]

Types of Bread Based on the Types of Flour Used

Understanding the best uses of each type of flour will give you the most promising baking results. Bread is a traditional staple food all around the world. Specific types of bread were developed according to the available grains of each region. Similar grains of different regions often vary in subtle ways creating unique bread. For […]

Caring for Your Bread Machine

BREAD MAKING MACHINE LOVE My sweet, elderly mother, Z, loves baking bread. Her little arthritic hands do not. She requires a bread maker that is a workhorse. She requires a machine that produces well-kneaded dough allowing her to create volumes of pitas to share with the world. Her pitas are a gift of love for every person who […]