Baking Bread on a Grill: Secret Bakery in the Backyard

Baking Bread on a Grill: Secret Bakery in the Backyard

Baking bread on a grill especially during summer is a fun way to make bread outdoors. Your grill turns into an oven when you close the lid. And your regular oven cannot even compete with the grill when it comes to high temperature levels. I bake pizza and bread using a pizza stone on my grill and they come out just perfect since the heat level is intense. You can also use a pizza pan instead of a baking stone. Plus, you get extra flavor from the wood or charcoal fire if you are not using a gas grill.

Can You Bake on A Grill?

Baking on grill is easy, but you have to watch out the temperature. If it gets too hot then the bottom of the bread bakes before the top. Your goal is to have a steady temperature inside the grill. It is best to shape your bread in oblong form to prevent uneven cooking. Try to create an even layer of charcoal to avoid any hotspots. Use a food thermometer; when the bread reaches to 200°F then it is done and you can take it off the grill. Cookies and pizza also bake well on grill.

How Long Does It Take to Grill Bread?

In general, you can grill bread to make toasts in maximum 3 to 4 minutes and bake bread on grill in less than 30 minutes. Bread cooks faster with grill compared to a regular oven. You can get more heat in your grill easily. There is also a natural air circulation inside the grill. This air flow shortens the cooking time. If you use a Dutch oven to bake bead on grill then you don’t have to worry about adjusting the heat. You will have even temperature inside the Dutch oven.

Can You Put A Baking Sheet on the BBQ?

You can put a baking sheet on the BBQ only if you are using a baking tray. Otherwise, it is not a good idea to put baking sheet directly on the grill. You should keep the baking sheet away from direct fire. Although it can stand high heat, it would not be able to stand to fire. Also, try not to use aluminum foil on your grill. The metal in aluminum can transfer into your food.

Can You Bake Bread in A Smoker?

You can bake bread in a smoker but it takes longer to cook than baking with a grill. It is also harder to achieve even baking in a smoker. Cooking pizza is easier on both grill and smoker but since bread is elevated, it gets a bit harder to control the overall baking process.

Can You Grill Bread to Make Toast?

Butter both sides of your sliced bread and throw it on the grill. You can also brush spiced olive oil on the sliced bread alternatively. It will make perfect toast. Don’t forget to flip them over half way through. Shred parmesan cheese immediately when you take them off the grill. This is something I always do whenever I cook something on grill and it makes great bruschetta. Grill has great air circulation which helps to brown the bread and make it crispy on the outside. It also adds to flavor; toasting on a grill totally brings out the yeasty taste of bread. Especially the crusty breads make delicious toasts. Try to toast them on medium hot grill.

What Temperature Do You Grill Toast?

You need to create steady heat inside the grill otherwise it might get too hot and you can easily burn the bread instead of making a toast. Use a thermometer and try to target a range between 350°F to 375°F.

Do You Close the Grill When Baking?

If you don’t close the lid of the grill while baking then you will probably burn the bottom of the bread. The lid makes the grill turn into an oven like environment. In order to get even baking you must keep the lid closed while baking. Leave the oven door slightly open to create better airflow inside the grill. This will significantly lower your cooking time.

In Conclusion

There is a secret bakery in my backyard and it is called the grill master. I love cooking bread on my grill during summer time since the house is already hot enough. What I like even more is the slight flavor that charcoal fire adds to the bread. I don’t use a Dutch oven; I bake on a pizza stone which is placed inside the grill. High heat makes it perfect for both bread and pizza cooking but the it is best to grill toasts on BBQ.


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