Bread Basket for Proofing: Secret Behind the Authentic Bread Looks

Bread Basket for Proofing: Secret Behind the Authentic Bread Looks

Using a bread basket for proofing your bread loaf allows you to shape your homemade bread as if there was an Artisan chef in your kitchen. Developing a beautiful crust takes many processes. It starts from choosing the right flour. Fermentation, kneading, and folding are all important steps. But proofing in a bread basket adds to the looks of your bread enormously. Have you ever wanted your homemade bread to have the same authentic looks as the ones in Artisan Bakeries? Well, read on!

What Is A Proofing Basket for Bread?

A proofing basket for bread gives your fermented dough its final shape and prevents it from getting flattened during proofing. In simplest terms, it gives structure to your bread. Banneton is a common name for proofing baskets. They are usually handmade out of rattan. Your loaf looks marvelous and genuine when you use one. They are all perfect with their natural anti-microbial characteristics.

Advantages of using a proofing basket for bread:

  • Support; bread dough gets flattened during proofing. Your loaf rises properly because of the elevated sidewalls of proofing basket.
  • No drying; it prevents your dough from getting dried since there are no air holes on the basket.
  • Stylish and traditional looks; Improves your bread’s visual quality immensely. Proofing baskets have beautiful patterns to make authentic bread.
  • Crispy and tasty crust; creates extra moisture on dough’s surface to produce a tastier and thick crust.

What Is the Best Bread Proofing Basket?

Bread proofing baskets are used by both amateur and top professional artisan bakers. It is a bit mandatory to achieve the best visual appearance of the bread loaf. The beautiful patterns on the proofing basket easily creates that traditional look. My bread always has a crispier crust when I use these, which is something I admire very much. Always make sure to pay attention to your basket’s dough capacity. If you exceed the amount that it can hold then you won’t be able to take full advantage of your proofing basket. Check the size before you check other features when shopping. In general, a 9-inch proofing basket would work well for small and large loaves. Our top recommendation is the Bread Banneton Proofing Basket by Bread Bosses . However, the next four baskets have also made our list, and if you continue reading the article, you will find out why.

Bread Banneton Proofing Basket by Bread Bosses

9 Inch Bread Banneton Proofing Basket - Baking Bowl Dough...
  • Gifts For Bakers; Perfect For Any Recipe Holds 1.5 pounds of dough with 9...
  • Gift Ideas For Bakers; Natural Rattan Cane Material sourdough bread...
  • Well Made And Sturdy Banneton basket ridges/depth produces spiral ring...
  • Very Affordable These bread making tools will score you more boules of this...
  • Healthy Bread brotform proofing bowls complies with German Food Safe so you...

Bread Bosses products always have an advanced quality to them. This one is made out of natural rattan cane. You will make healthier bread at home thanks to its natural anti-microbial properties. It comes with a linen cloth and plastic dough scraper. Your dough will remove and release effortlessly.

This banneton is perfect for round breads. Its high-quality design will allow you to have crispy crust artisan bread at home. Stay away from the cheap versions or you may end up with wood shavings in your bread over time. You can use it for sourdough, no knead, tartine, gluten-free and all other recipes. It is 9-inches, which is the perfect size for most bread dough.

  • 9 x 9 x 3.4 inches
  • Weighs 6.4 ounces
  • Round banneton
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Rattan cane material
  • Mold free
  • Sturdy, will last longer
  • Includes scraper and linen liner
  • Complies with German Food Safety codes
  • Includes sourdough starter kit eBook


Proofing Basket  by WERTIOO

9 Inch Proofing Basket,WERTIOO Banneton Bread Proofing...
  • Size For Baking Bread: 9 Inch Proofing Basket+ Bread Lame+Dough...
  • Well Handmade :The rattan is pure natural,free from dye and...
  • Easy To Use, Easy To Clean: Our Proofing Baskets are proven to wicker...
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  • 100% Quality Guarantee:We are really have confident with the proofing...

This is the whole package; it comes with bread lame, plastic dough scraper, and linen liner. You get all the tools you need for proofing a great loaf. The round banneton is handmade and sturdy enough to last for years of baking. It is made from natural rattan. Includes no dye or chemicals, and it will not produce any mold easily.

This 9-inch round banneton from WERTOO has traditional spiral ring pattern. You will definitely get a crispier crust because of the moisture wicking effect of rattan. If you dust it with enough flour, you can make authentic bread easily. The liner is made from linen.

  • 2 x 9.2 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 7 ounces
  • Round banneton
  • Handmade and sturdy
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Mold free – odor free
  • Rattan cane material
  • Includes bread lame, scraper and linen liner
  • 100% Quality Guarantee; full refund up to 30 days


Round Banneton Rattan Basket – by FORSUN

No products found.

This is a decent banneton with good quality. It does not include any scraper or lame but it is just perfect if what you are looking for is a steady banneton basket. It is made out of natural rattan and complies with the EU Food Standards. The cloth lining is included in the package.

It is 8.5-inch round banneton that is good for both no knead and other recipes. You will just love the lines on your sourdough bread. It is perfect for dough smaller than 500grams. You can use it for both home and commercial use.


  • 5 x 3.5 inches
  • Weighs 7 ounces
  • Round banneton
  • Rattan cane material
  • Mold free
  • Includes cloth liner
  • Complies with EU Food Safety codes


Premium Round Banneton Basket with Liner – by Saint German Bakery

Saint Germain Bakery Premium Round Bread Banneton Basket...
  • EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP: Beautiful handmade using natural rattan,...
  • SPLINTER-FREE, SMOOTH AND NON-STICK: Carefully crafted to always expose...
  • EASY CLEANING: Use with the provided cloth liner, if desired. Without the...
  • 10 INCH ACCOMMODATING SIZE: At 10 inch, it is the perfect size for baking a...
  • TOP PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: We guarantee the basket will perform exceedingly...

This is a large size, premium proofing basket made by a small family company. 100% handmade out of natural rattan. No chemicals or dye ever used.

The company pays special attention to the craftmanship on its baskets. You will realize that your breads come out much easier because of this banneton’s smooth surface. The 10-inch size allows you to bake medium to large loaves with convenience. You will have perfect crust and your bread dough will not dry out.


  • 10 x 10 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • Round banneton
  • Rattan cane material
  • Handmade and sturdy
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Mold free – Odor free
  • Splinter free and non-stick
  • Includes cloth liner
  • 100% Top performance guarantee; full refund up to 30 days


Sondiko Oval Bread Proofing Basket

Sondiko Oval Bread Proofing Basket, Handmade Banneton Bread...
  • 【Excellent Craftsmanship, Sondiko Brand】This oval banneton basket using...
  • Good Bread Hygiene&Easy Cleaning - Compare to the bread from the Store...
  • Good Gift Choice for Professional&Home Bakers - Comes with Bread proofing...
  • Perfect Size for Baking Bread - Holds 1.5 pounds of dough with 9.6 x 6 x 3...
  • 100% WARRANTY & BEST SERVICE - Sondiko sourdough basket adopt high quality...

If you like your bread in oval form then this handmade proofing basket is the one for you. It is made out of natural rattan and naturally anti-microbial. Perfect size for making bread; it holds 1.5 pounds of dough. Includes bread lame, scraper and the cloth liner; great as a starter kit. You can bake like a pro with the supplied tools.

Sondiko Oval Bread Proofer has a special botanical aroma. You don’t have to worry about the bad odor that comes with most proofing baskets. Wash the basket and the liner with cold water (no soap or detergent) before first use and dry well. The manufacturer claims that this basket can make the bread fermented more softly.


  • 7 x 6 x 3.4 inches
  • Weighs 7.2 ounces
  • Oval banneton basket
  • Rattan cane material
  • Mold free
  • Includes cloth liner, bread lame, and plastic scraper
  • Complies with EU Food Safety codes
  • 100% Warranty and Best Service guarantee; full refund up to 60 days


Do You Bake Bread in A Proofing Basket?

You don’t actually bake the bread in a proofing basket. The basket is made just for proofing purposes, which is the last stage of making bread. It is used just before baking the bread in the oven.


Quick Tips to Make Better Bread with A Proofing Basket

Spray water inside the basket and then dust with flour generously. You can apply this technique with or without the liner. Proofing baskets get seasoned over time, and you will add less flour with each usage. Rice flour is the best to get a stick-less release. Form your dough into a ball shape and tuck the excess underneath when putting it into the basket. This will allow you to get a better risen bread.


What Can I Use Instead of Proofing Basket?

You can use a regular basket or glass bowl but the final result will have a softer crust. Banneton baskets made out of rattan improves the crust significantly due to this materials moisture wicking effect. So, proofing baskets are not only used to help the bread to rise and keep its form. You will lose the crispiness if you substitute it with another basket.


What Sizes Do the Proofing Baskets Come In?

Proofing baskets come in many size and forms. If you are baking breads smaller than 500 grams then anything between 8 to 9-inch size will be enough for you. However, if you are making medium to large breads then go with 9-inch or more. Big round sourdough bread (1.5 pounds) are best proofed with 10-inch banneton baskets.


What Are Banneton Baskets Made Of?

Banneton baskets are usually handmade out of rattan. In general cane, bamboo, wicker, or spruce pulp. These splendid baskets are produced by bending rattan with steam and used in the final stage of bread making.


How Do You Care for A Banneton?

Clean the banneton with a damp towel and brush the excess flour. Never use any detergent or soap. However, you can wash the cloth lining with warm water and soap. Make sure you dry it well. It is better if you do not clean with wet towel to often. You will get better results if you ventilate them.


In Conclusion

Proofing baskets make your bread look like you bought them instead of baking. They help the baker to make perfect artisan style bread. If you have never used a rattan basket and been baking for a while, then you will be amazed by the crust quality of your bread the first time you try one of these. It completely transfers your homemade bread into a professional looking traditional loaf.


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