Milling Flour With Vitamix – Tips & Tricks

Milling Flour With Vitamix – Tips & Tricks

Vitamix is probably the most famous blender brand all over the world and its features make grinding flour at home a breeze. Never mind me saying “at home”, even restaurants picked up on this new healthy trend. Grain-free, fresh flour (not just wheat) has too much potential and advantages for health benefits compared to all-purpose wheat flour you get from your local store.

The new shift among baking enthusiasts is to grind your own flour according to your specs and needs. Plus, you get extra benefits with customized taste options.

Here is a collection of the different series of the Vitamix blender, that you can order on Amazon.

Can You Actually Grind Flour In a Blender?

Yes, you can and here is why you should do so for healthier recipes. Store bought flour is full of carbohydrates, rich in gluten, and excessively refined. Sounds like a great recipe for an unhealthy lifestyle, right?

But there is a way you can get away from the harmful side effects of all-purpose wheat flour. All you need to is grind your own flour with Vitamix blender series. Remember, excessive gluten and carbs in the refined flour is definitely merciless for your body in the long run.

Blending Technology

Most home grinders have one common complaint for electric flour mills; no matter how fine you grind, it is still much granular compared to store bought flour, and it is hard to mill evenly. Vitamix solves this issue with sensitive dial controls and it is no longer a concern.

When grinding flour at home you should be careful to grind only as much as you need. Excessive flour will go stale fast since it is fresh and has no additives.

Why Grind Flour at Home?

Because you can make unique and healthy flour from a combination of many different grains, and your neighbor can never get the same mix from any store!

Creative Ideas for Grinding Flour at Home With Blenders

  • Banana flour
  • Chickpea flour
  • Coconut flour
  • Chia flour
  • Amaranth flour

You are no longer limited to only buying all-purpose flour stripped from its nutrients.

Keep in mind, you can substitute these creative flours for each cup of wheat flour you use in your delicious recipes. Adjusting would get some trial period but once you perfect it then your baking will get to a new level.

Vitamix is great for the following:

  • Grinding

  • Pureeing

  • Whole-food juicing

  • Chopping

You are in control on how smooth or chunky your blend will be thanks to the responsive controls developed by Vitamix.

Dry vs. Wet container

Vitamix comes with both dry and wet containers to be able to assist you more effectively with dry ingredients such as wheat. Dry containers make a difference but not necessary if you do not grind wheat too often. You still get a fair result with regular (wet) container.

Vitamix Reviews

Vitamix blenders are not just your everyday regular blenders, they work just great as a flour mill. Although there are too many options when buying Vitamix blenders, main segments of the powerful blender is divided under S-Series and Ascent Series. It might get a bit confusing if you do not know exactly which features you want. You should decide if you need variable speed or just basic Fast and Slow controls. Some models even have smart system features like touchscreen and pre-programmed blend options.

Vitamix Series with Selective Features

Vitamix Blender Selections

Variable Speed Control Pre-Programmed Blend Options
S-Series; S30 S-Series; S50
C-Series; 5200, CIA Pro Series Creations II, GC Pro 200, TurboBlend C-Series; Pro 500, 6300
G-Series; Pro 300, 7500 G-Series; Pro 750
Explorian Series; E310, E320 S-Series; S55
Ascent Series; A2300 C-Series 6500
Ascent Series; A3300 Ascent Series; A2500

Pre-programmed + Touchscreen options

G-Series; 780
Ascent Series; A3500

Source: Vitamix (

In Conclusion

Grinding your own flour at home is cheaper and healthier in the long run. Plus, you get a chance to induce your baking character by combining different grains when milling for your own signature taste. Vitamix blenders come with full warranties and extensions providing a good value for your hard-earned money. These are somewhat addictive blenders that can help you with milling flour, preparing soups, creamy smoothies, and of course grinding flour. Once you start using them in the kitchen, they will become your best friend quickly.


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