How to Slice Bread Like Butter – Tips & Tricks

How to Slice Bread Like Butter – Tips & Tricks

Always use a serrated bread knife if you want to slice fresh homemade bread like your cutting through butter. You can bake wonderful bread at home with golden crust but what is the use if you are going to ruin it while slicing. Get the necessary gear and do it the right way. For some, slicing bread can be painful and it is only because they do not use the right technique and the knife. It gets crumby all over the place and the slices look like someone sat on them.

How to Slice Fresh Homemade Bread?

Make sure you are using your bread knife. Get a wood cutting board. You should not push hard when cutting the bread but rather move the knife back and forth with little pressure. We call this the sawing technique. Try to cut vertically. If you think the slices are getting squishier then hold your knife under running water in kitchen sink to wet. It will dramatically improve the quality of your slices.

Tips and Tricks for Slicing Bread:

  • If your bread is not fresh, then dip your knife in warm water before you start slicing.
  • Turn the bread over and slice it from the back side.
  • Keep your bread knife in hot water for ten minutes then dry well. It will slice the bread like the French guillotine.

Another great tip to cut perfectly bread slices, is to get yourself a smart-ass bread knife. You can check out our post on best bread knives for cutting fresh breads, or just check them out directly in our table, which will redirect you to amazon.

When Should You Slice Homemade Bread?

Let the bread cool for at least 20 minutes before you slice it but that is just the minimum period of time and suggested only if you are in a hurry or so. I never ever attempt to slice a fresh bread before an hour passed after it came out of the oven. It needs to calm down, release all that heat from the oven and let go off the extra moisture. If you immediately slice the bread then it will squish too much, get doughy and you would lose the inner texture and overall quality. You can use a bread slicer to slice the bread, and also keep the slices fresh for a longer period of time. Read our post on how to find the best bread slicer for your needs.

How Do You Cut A Soft Bread?

You can slice it directly with the serrated knife. But if your bread is not fresh then soak your bread knife in water (not hot), do not dry it afterwards. Start slicing immediately and you should get decent cuts.

How Do You Cut Hot Bread?

It is not a good idea to cut a hot bread but if you really must do that, then warm your bread knife in boiling water for ten minutes. Make sure the handle is outside the water while heating the knife. Take it out and dry well with a towel. Turn your bread backwards and start slicing.

How Do You Cut Homemade Bread for Sandwiches?

You need a long enough bread knife; at least 8 Inch if you are cutting a bread machine loaf. Turn the bread over and start slicing with the saw technique.

How Do You Slice Bread Perfectly?

Number one rule for slicing bread perfectly is to get a good serrated bread knife. Relax your shoulders, do not push on the bread. Keep the bread steady with one hand and start sawing with the bread knife. Gently move the knife back and forth to the whole length of the blade.

Why Does My Homemade Bread Crumble When I Slice It?

It is probably because the gluten was not developed well in the first place. You should have kneaded your dough better and longer. Under-proofing is also bad for gluten development.

In Conclusion

Slicing the bread is actually much easier than baking a good one. All you need is to follow some basic rules and get a good serrated bread knife with sharp blade. You can distinguish a well-designed bread knife simply by looking at it. If it has good serration and the blade runs all the way to the handle then it is probably a good one.


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