CESNICA Serbian Bread Recipe

CESNICA Serbian Bread Recipe

This is a traditional Serbian Christmas morning bread that families eat for breakfast and make good wishes to each other. The lady of the house symbolically puts small piece of dogwood into Cesnica, for good health, grain of corn and wheat for fertility and one coin for fortune. The father of the house gathers his family around the table and divides the bread into pieces to everyone. Whoever gets something from Cesnica says what is it in there and makes a wish. This is a very interesting and joyful tradition.


2 cups of white wheat flour

2 ounces of fresh yeast

1 1\2 teaspoon salt

1 glass of water

1 egg

For the glaze: a little amount of butter

We have put together a list of the things that you normally need when baking delicious bread or cakes.

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  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. c2
  2. Form a dough and leave it to grow for 40 minutes. c3
  3. Put into a oiled baking tray and sprinkle with butter. c4
  4. Bake at 420F for 40 minutes or until it gets a nice brownish color crust.  c6

  ENJOY! Prijatno jelo vam zelim iz Srbije!

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