CESNICA Serbian Bread Recipe

This is a traditional Serbian Christmas morning bread that families eat for breakfast and make good wishes to each other. The lady of the house symbolically puts small piece of dogwood into Cesnica, for good health, grain of corn and wheat for fertility and one coin for fortune. The father of the house gathers his family […]

Proja Serbian Recipe

One of the oldest types of bread in Serbia is definitely the Proja. It has beene in every Serbian home for centuries. Our great-grandmothers used to bake Proja for their families and relatives in various occasions such as Patron Saint, Christmas, and ’’litije’’. My grandma taught me how to make Proja using our family’s recipe, […]

Bialy Bread Recipe

When I first heard of Bialy I thought it is a traditional Lebanese and Near Eastern bread, knowing they like to experiment putting different ingredients into bread, even soap. Then I’ve met a lady from Slovenia who told me that she also has a recipe for this interesting bread. I was impatient to make it, […]

Bagel Recipe – the Slovenian Version

Easy to prepare, even more to enjoy it. There are many variations of this bread, but it originally came from Poland, precisely from Poland Jewish, who spread the recipes all around the world. In Eastern Europe its one of the most familiar pastries. You can find Polish, Turkish, or Slovenian version. Slovenians absolutely adore bagels, […]


Bublik is similar to a bagel, only smaller and with sugar on top. It is disseminated all around the world, but it was first made in Eastern Europe, and it is spread in many versions. The one I will write about is well known in Slovenia and it is one of the most popular pastries […]


Splice bagel is a type of bagel that people of Eastern Europe are making for many events, such as New Years Eve, Christmas, graduations, and birthday parties. In Slovenia, the Obwarzanek krakowski is a traditional pastry for New Years Eve, when the families gather and have dinner together, wishing the best to each other for […]

AJDOV KRUH Slovenian Bread Recipe

AJDOV KRUH is a Slovenian buckwheat bread. Buckwheat (lat. Fagopyrum sagittaium), also known as “ the black wheat “ is very nutritious and rich in carbohydrates. 100g of such wheat contains 2,5g grease, 11,7g proteins, 70,7g carbohydrates and it has 351 calorie. It also contains different types of minerals and vitamins like P, Mg, Ca, Na, C, […]