Qistibi Recipe

The Qistibi is an ancient flour product in the Tatar cuisine (The Turkish-speaking people living in the central regions of the European part of Russia). But it is also cooked by the Bashkir people – the people in Russia, the indigenous population of Bashkiria (Bashkortostan). The recipe of the qistibi is very popular among housewives-beginners. It is […]

Borodinsky Bread Recipe

The bread was named after one of the greatest battles of the world history. The most fragrant bread I have ever tasted is the Borodinsky bread. It is the most popular kind of bread in the Soviet Union. The history of the Borodino bread remains a mystery. There are a lot of legends on how the Borodinsky […]

Pampushka Recipe

Every woman has her own recipe of these delicious buns. There are lot of types of Pampushka, such as buns with buckwheat flour, with gray and wheat flour mixture or only with wheat flour. The type of Pampushka you bake depends on the event for which you want to have this bread. Today I want to share […]

Grey Bread Recipe Ukrainian Style

Bread is an essential part for any meal for the Slavic people. There are a lot of kinds of bread. The main difference is in the type of flour. Normally, grey flour is used for every day meal. The white wheat flour is used for weekends and holidays. I want to share with you the recipe […]

Ukrainian Bread Recipe with Cherries

Summer is the season of berries in Ukraine. All my childhood I spent at Poltava Region in the central part of Ukraine. Here, the older people never bought sweet buns, but they tried to make sweet breads with different fillings, using their own recipes. Today I will share with you one of my favorite recipes, the […]

Kalach Ukrainian Bread Recipe

  There is no wedding or Christmas Eve without the kalach bread in Ukraine. Kalach is a traditional Ukrainian bun. The term kalach is derived from the word “kolo”, which means circle in Ukrainian. The kalach can be baked into two shapes: in the shape of a circle and in the shape of a plait. […]

White Wheat Russian Bread Recipe

“Bread is the head of everything” I guess this is the most well-known statement for every Russian person. Most precisely, bread takes the most important place for every human in the Russian world. It is the main dish for every event – sad or happy.  In old times, women baked bread every day. Every woman had […]

Knish Russian Bread Recipe

The secret of a perfect knish is in the oil used. The Russian and Ukrainian traditions are closely intertwined in one history. A lot of recipes are similar and well-known in both countries. The name of bread can be different, but technology is the same. I want to share with you one of the bread recipes: Knish, […]